A Fire at Christmas

For those who celebrate the Christmas season, it is usually a joyous time as it brings together family and friends to celebrate their faith, and for others, there’s the gifts under the tree, the lights in the window, the cards in the mail, the stocking hung by the fire, and turkey dinners with loved ones. Unfortunately, Christmas time is also a time of fire hazards as old electrical toys and decorations are pulled out of the attic and plugged in regardless of their condition, or when we literally hang the stockings in front of the fireplace rather than near it. Sometimes, in the excitement and consumption of the moment, we ignore our usual attention to safety and find ourselves simply moving furniture and appliances out of the way to make room for blinking trees, talking toys, or glowing wreaths.


Residential electrical fires occurred most often in the colder months of January and December
at 11% each month.

—-U.S. Fire Administration

This is a story about a fire at Christmas.

This story is best told by our wonderful clients who suffered a devastating fire during the holiday season,
the Duncans, who write the following account:
“On December 17, 2013 around 9:30 am,
I received the most unexpected phone call
at work. My husband called to tell me
that our house was filled with smoke,
he had called the fire department, and
I needed to come home.”

“When I got home, I was shocked
at the damage the fire had caused.”

In 79% of residential electrical fires,
the fire spreads beyond the source of the fire.

—-U.S. Fire Administration

the fire & smoke damage spread to the kitchen

For those reading this that have never experienced a fire, this is an absolute heart-stopping phone call. It’s a gut-wrenching horror-filled drive home with a rush of adrenaline that consumes your mind with untold fear which eats at you until you arrive at your door to see it for yourself.


source of the fire in the living room

this hallway too suffered fire & smoke damaged

The Duncan’s note continues….
“I called my insurance company and they called Bluewater Restoration. Bluewater was at my house at 1:OOpm that day to assess the damage. They informed us that it would be a total “gut out.” This means every room in my house would have to be gutted to the studs and have to be rebuilt. We decided we would meet them the next morning at 9:00am and they would begin the work.”

If you have never been through something like this before, your mind can freeze up in a disaster. You have a million thoughts running through your head: where are my kids? where are my guests going to go now? where are my Christmas presents? How are we going to do Christmas!? Where are my clothes, my medicines? It is very difficult to keep your thoughts on track during highly stressful situations—especially during a major holiday.

“I couldn’t really sleep that night wondering what all had to be done. When we met them the next morning, I walked in my house and saw a man sitting on the floor in front of my Christmas tree. The top half of the tree was melted. He was sitting there taking off the ornaments he thought they could save. At that very moment I knew we were in good hands and I didn’t worry anymore.”

“This is what we do. The entire
Bluewater Restoration team is consciously
aware of what you are going through
and we are respectful of that.”

—-Stacy Justice,
President Bluewater Restoration, Inc.


“In 72 days, they had completely rebuilt the entire inside of my house and we could go home.
I could not imagine going through this process without them.”
“Bluewater is an amazing company. Their compassion at such a difficult time is beyond words. They were always just a phone call away to answer questions or just listen. If anything was to ever happen again they would be the first ones I would call. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to express our appreciation and gratitude towards Bluewater. We never could have done this without you!!

—– The Duncan Family”

location of the fire source after restoration

kitchen after restoration from the fire & smoke damage

living room after fire & smoke restoration

hallway restored after fire & smoke damage


An estimated 25,900 residential building
electrical fires were reported to fire departments
within the United States each year.

—-U.S. Fire Administration

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