Our Professional Team provides Prompt, Courteous and Reliable Damage Restoration Services, Making a Critical Difference in Every Disaster Situation.


Since 1986, Bluewater Restoration™ has built a solid reputation on the Outer Banks, in Northeastern North Carolina and in Southeastern Virginia as a fire, wind, water and mold restoration force that our community counts on.

That’s because our business acumen has always been to offer quick, qualified restoration services to businesses and homes affected by fire, wind or water damage.

Our mission as a Certified Restoration Firm and General Contractor is to exceed the expectations of every customer and insurance professional with outstanding turn-key service.


A family-owned and operated business, Bluewater Restoration™ specializes in regional emergency services and insurance reconstruction dedicated to providing open lines of communication with our clients and their insurance companies.

Authority to Work, How We Work, and How We Relate to the Claim, the Procedure and the Price:

We work to legally validate the standard of care as established by the IICRC;
Standards of care dictate the procedures;
Procedures are priced by zip code with Xactimate software by Xactware™, an independent third party estimation program that is
accepted by insurance companies world-wide;
We hold secondary damage liability protection on our services.



Stacy Justice, Co-founder, CEO and President of Bluewater Restoration, Inc.

Bluewater Restoration Northeastern North Carolina Water Wind Fire Damage Repair

Stacy, a native of Norfolk, Virginia, started the corporation with her husband soon after graduation from Old Dominion University in 1985. She runs the business side of Bluewater Restoration while keeping up with her certification skills and is certified in water, smoke, fire, and mold restoration. Further, Stacy holds the license for General Contractor – Builder Class for Bluewater Restoration.

Now busy with raising two children and running the business, Stacy primarily focuses on ‘flying the plane’ while the rest of the crew works with the ‘passengers’ and equipment! She works every day in accounting, marketing, training and HR and will jump in at any given time for whatever is needed. She loves to keep current on the latest building techniques, products, and methods and pushes toward using more green technologies within the industry for our company and environment. Education is one of her passions and she goes to great lengths to educate and develop her workforce so that they are highly qualified, certified, and a workforce dedicated to serving our region with pride.




Bluewater Restoration Outer Banks Northeastern North Carolina Water Fire Wind Damage Repair

Laurie Locklear, Estimator

Laurie was born and raised in Woonsocket, RI and graduated from Burrrillville High School. She relocated to northeast North Carolina in 1991. Laurie had years of experience in construction via the cabinet industry before joining the Bluewater Team over 6 years ago. She has recently changed positions within Bluewater Restoration from Operations Manager to Estimator. She is a very hands-on person and can always be found on the phone or on a job and if something needs to be done, she is the first one to jump in. Laurie is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and her compassion really shines through as she gently guides people through difficult and confusing insurance claims. Laurie is a Journeyman in Textiles, fire, smoke and odor and is currently working on her Master Restorer certification.

She is married to Dave and together they are raising two children. She and her family love to camp, hunt, and play outdoors with their dog and two cats. Laurie has a natural eye for quality antiques and is known to salvage and restore unbelievable hidden treasures from the brink of destruction from many old abandon homes.







Bluewater Restoration Outer Banks North Carolina Water Wind Fire Damage Emergencies

Tara Bernheisel, Operations Manager

Tara grew up in Jonestown, PA. After graduating high school, she joined the US Army and spent 8 years between active duty, the reserves, and National Guard. Tara was in a support battalion during her military career and worked several humanitarian missions throughout Central American during the 1990’s helping feed, clothe, and build schools in many third world locations such as Panama, Honduras, and El Salvador. It was her military performance in one of these remote locations which caught the eye of a global restoration firm which was working alongside her battalion. Eventually the private firm offered Tara a position in global restoration and, after an honorable discharge, Tara joined their team and was sent all over the United States and Caribbean leading teams of restoration professionals in property restoration. She relocated to Currituck, NC in 2000 and began a new career in retail management and customer service in the hardware industry.

Tara is married and has been with her husband, Steve, for over 15 years. Tara started with Bluewater Restoration in September of 2013 as operation manager and has brought a wealth of professional experience to our company.


Many of our customers are long-term and have known us through the years as their general contractor. Dedicated to maintaining our technological edge with the very latest in restoration know-how, we utilize our continuing education program which keeps us current and ultimately,
economically advantageous and environmentally aware.

We are licensed, bonded and insured North Carolina and Virginia General Contractors providing turn-key restoration and emergency services. Professionally certified by the restoration industry, our Xactimate™ software is a state of the art estimation program utilized by the insurance industry. Our expertise with Xactimate and photo documentation is exactly what our insurance customers need when processing a claim.

Bluewater Restoration™ is absolutely committed to providing our community the highest level of quality service to ensure the health, safety, and effectiveness of all our work. To this end, we continually educate our employees on all aspects of restoration including cleaning, water damage, and fire damage. We congratulate our employees for obtaining 3 IICRC professional certifications in December 2012 to add to their collective educational resumes which can only help everyone involved. Through our professional training programs, all employees are educated to the standard of care as set forth by the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Education and professionalism are what sets Bluewater Restoration™ apart from our competitors. It also represents one of our core values: investment in our employees is an investment in our future. This makes good business, good sense, and a great community. We strive to make a difference.