Bio-Remediation – Sewage, Animal Feces & Dangerous Chemical Fumes


WARNING: Images of bio-remediation on this page are not very pleasant to look at.

Raw Sewage and animal feces are potentially deadly contaminants if not handled promptly by a professional. Bluewater Restoration is a specialty indoor environmental cleanup company that provides bio-remediation of sewage and animal feces.

This is a meticulously orchestrated, heavy labor and material sensitive, job which requires professional training, good personal protective equipment and experience. For this reason, it is very expensive to perform.

Outer Banks Bio-remediation


Dealing with Septic Backup

Read tips for dealing with septic backup and a description of or thorough cleaning process.

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A Septic Cleanup Case

This owner called us after having discovered a nasty surprise downstairs.

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Animal Waste Cleanup Case

Raccoons took up residence in a Outer Banks NC building.

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Bluewater Restoration technicians are professionally trained and certified in the industry standard of care through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification (IICRC) which is recognized world-wide as the foremost qualifying body in the science of indoor environmental cleaning and restoration.
Bluewater Restoration defends the Industry Standard of Care via the s-500 and s-520 which govern the procedures of indoor microbial and other contamination remediation. Bluewater Restoration will:
– We work to legally validate the standard of care as established by the IICRC;
– Standards of care dictate the procedures;
– Procedures are priced by zipcode with industry standard estimation software by Xactware™, an independent 3rd party estimation program accepted by insurance companies world-wide
– We hold secondary damage liability protection on our services