Bluewater Restoration™ is a rapid response professional water damage team dedicated to the principles of the industry standard of care including those established by the IICRC, New York City Department of Health, Canada Health, EPA, and OSHA, among others.

We are professionally trained in structural drying and dehumidification which are part, but not all, of what is required when there is a water damage loss in order to return the structure to pre-loss conditions.  We utilize state-of-the-art equipment in our low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, dessicants, and other types of commercial grade dehumidifiers.

Air movement is also a critical part of the drying process.   Bluewater Restoration™ has hundreds of commercial air movers in stock to ensure that if a catastrophe happens, we are prepared to assist dozens of structures at the same time.  This equipment is but a small part of our arsenal for water damage restoration; without question, we are the most well-equipped and well-trained professional water damage restoration company in northeastern North Carolina.


Water Damage


Revolutionary Rapid Drying

In an effort to restore wet damaged properties in record time, Bluewater Restoration™ has invested in a unique high-speed structural drying tool: a 250,000 btu TES™ Trailer.

This revolutionary drying equipment combines high heat with air flow to create high speed evaporation, which dramatically reduces drying time to a fraction of that of conventional equipment.

Drying a class one or two flood situation in less than 30 hours time is a phenomenal improvement over conventional drying systems which are standard for most restoration contractors.  Our customers also benefit from the TES™ Trailer in that it is propane fueled, thus it does not pull electricity from the client’s property which is the case for conventional drying equipment.

Water Damage Drying and Dehumidifying Restoration

Our investment has already paid off with extremely happy customers. We have saved our owners from additional grief by reducing their structural loss total and, further, significantly reduced their “loss of use time” as the reconstruction can begin much quicker. Insurance companies are also very happy as the system costs them less to dry homes and also get the job done quicker.


The little brother to the TES™ Trailer is the E-TES unit, of which Bluewater Restoration™ also purchased several of these as well.

E-TES is a wonderful little unit which allows the contractor to dry, monitor, and document the drying conditions of a job which is absolutely critical to the insurance adjuster. It is essential to our handling of the drying process because you must dry to the environment that you are dealing with and there is only one way to see if what you are doing is working: diagnostics.


Sometimes there are design issues in structures where the air flow is insufficient to allow the ventilation system to keep moisture content low and indoor air quality suffers.  Perhaps there are issues with crawl spaces in which, especially in the southern climates, there is a build up of hot, humid air which gets trapped under the house and fungal infestations become a problem.

Bluewater Restoration™ is one call away to providing you a technical analysis of situations like these and what can be done about them.

We are professionally trained to identify existing moisture problems and
how to effectively and efficiently deal with them.


1. Don’t allow your home to have a musty odor. Musty odors can indicate moisture and possible mold problems that need to be investigated immediately.

2. No home should have malodors which could indicate an unhealthy living condition, which could be especially detrimental to the infirm, the elderly, and children.

3. Water damage companies are not all equal.  Some hold certifications and specialized insurances, but most do not. Be sure of the company with whom you contract, better yet, visit the IICRC website at and see if the company you select is on the list. Let the professionals at Bluewater Restoration™ make your home clean, healthy and dry again.


Water Damage

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