Raccoons took up residence in a Outer Banks NC building, causing major damage that required professional care.

You may have seen Bluewater Restoration™ trucks
recently in downtown Duck, North Carolina
where we are camped out for a few more days cleaning up a building from raccoon damages.

The structure is uniquely challenging as this building is built on top of a marsh that is adjacent to the Albemarle Sound on the Outer Banks. Our entire team is very grateful to be working with some especially wonderful people from this organization who have graciously invited our company to serve them.


Our technicians are doing a thorough job and painstakingly removing all affected materials
in difficult conditions, but one false step
and you’re in the muck!


And, soon, these CRITTERS

will have to find a new home!

At Bluewater Restoration™, we do a lot more than just emergency storm, fire, water and mold cleanup.
We are often called in for vermin such as roof rats and raccoons.
Many of these critters carry parasites that pose serious health risks in humans, especially children. Due to the trained care needed to prevent direct contact and avoid severe or fatal illness, vermin mess MUST be cleaned up professionally.

Bluewater Restoration™ is by far the most certified, educated, and experienced local contractor on the Outer Banks to handle parasite cleanup and all other emergency property needs.  To ensure the safety of your family or occupants of your structure, call the professionals at Bluewater Restoration™.


  1. Be vigilant for signs of any type of animal movement around your home such as trash can activity or scratch marks. Keep trash cans secure to not attract animals.
  2. Look for any hole where mice can squeeze in such as plumbing pipes which are not thoroughly secured to prevent a critter from gaining entry into the home.
    Note: Raccoons are very smart; many will follow your pet in through the Cat/Dog door and gain entry to your home.
  3. Your nose is your best tool; if you smell something foul, please investigate as it could be something very bad for your home.
  4. Not all insurance policies will cover damage from animals, so contact your agent to ensure that you are covered for these kinds of occurrences.