As an indoor environmental consultant and restoration contractor, Bluewater Restoration™ focuses on indoor property damage relating to fire, water, septic, and such.  But as far as our Environment (the BIG PICTURE) is concerned, Bluewater Restoration™ is also acutely aware of our planetary environmental conditions.

This is a basic standard for us: we are concerned for all of our children; we must instill hope for them.  We realize that action is required to clean up our world, not simple lip service.



The Bluewater Restoration™ team realizes that with environmental carelessness, not only would we be polluting ourselves, but all the earth’s inhabitants.

Thus, we have made the conscious decision to do our part in contributing to environmental conservation and restoration for our planet and ourselves.

Although we are only a small part of the global community, we strive to implement positive far reaching solutions for our planet, starting in our local environment.

Our problem-solving thought processes include small, simple, inexpensive and nonviolent methods.

In business, we demonstrate these concepts with high efficiency equipment, alternative technologies,
and the natural, physical sciences to quickly dry structures which would otherwise be deemed
unsalvageable and discarded in our ever-growing landfills.
We also implement these priorities in our earth-friendly, sustainable growth vegetable garden, bee hive production and maintenance, and free-range chicken farming. Whether it is our creative restoration methods in business or in our gardens, we are dedicated to creating environments which instill long-term agreement with and in preservation of our world.
Stacy Justice