Fire Loss at Currituck County Animal Shelter

The team that helped clean up after a fire loss at the Currituck County Animal Shelter.

On Monday June 29, 2015, the Currituck County Animal Shelter suffered a fire loss due to a faulty dryer which quickly filled the building with smoke and soot. Quick thinking on the part of the volunteer staff got the animals and humans out quickly with minimal stress, but left the animals in a very perilous situation–no home while we cleaned. We are so proud of the community support where many folks helped to temporarily foster the displaced animals until the building could be restored.

Bluewater Restoration was called in to mitigate the structure, clean the linens, and clean the facility and HVAC system to allow the much needed animal rescue facility to operate.  Two of our employees actually fostered, than adopted, two dogs!

The shelter is in need of donations of cash or food and can be reached at 252-453-4440 to accept any help you can offer.