There are thousands of types of mold that exist in every part of the world. Most molds are relatively harmless at normal levels, but may cause an allergic reaction in higher concentrations. Others can cause internal bleeding, serious respiratory illnesses and brain damage. These types of mold are classified as toxigenic and attack bodily functions.

More serious toxigenic molds also attack the immune, central nervous, and cardiopulmonary systems. However, health affects related to mold exposure vary because every person reacts differently to the species involved, the byproducts generated by mold, the amount and duration of exposure and the susceptibility of the individual.


To be on the safe side, it is best to consider mold as dangerous and deal with the problem immediately.
Bluewater Restoration™ is certified to handle mold outbreaks. We will identify the source of the moisture and correct it before the remediation process begins. Our thorough analysis will reveal the source of the moisture and the type of mold. We can then provide remeditaion solutions that will best solve the problem. We also offer a full line of air filtration and dehumidification equipment.

If You Have A Mold Problem

  • Try not to disturb mold colonies after you have located them. Air motion will send millions of viable spores into the air, cross-contaminating the rest of your home or business.
  • When remodeling, if you open up ceilings or walls and find mold, stop until the hazard can be analyzed. Tearing out moldy building materials improperly can release the mold spores in the air and lead to mold related illnesses.
  • Trying to kill mold with bleach or other fungicides does not remove the toxins from the air. A dead spore will continue to give off toxins until it is removed.
  • Mold will propagate as long as there is moisture and a food source. Mold spores can stay dormant for years until proper growing conditions appear or return.