Outer Banks Water Damage Restoration – List of Things to Take with You

You do not have a lot of time to react once a major Water Damage Event takes place. Your head is swimming, you make a few calls, next minute people are arriving and thrusting paperwork at you and a moving truck is backing up to your front door. This is compounded if you have anyone with special needs, or pets, or noisy neighbors. So, here is something you should PRINT now and put somewhere for a quick grab.
This list is good for other events too, like fire, hurricane, or a community evacuation.

List of Things to Take IF you have to LEAVE in a Hurry

If you find your home has suffered a severe water damage event and you have to leave your home,
here are some helpful things for you to TAKE WITH YOU:

Important Documents:

Insurance Policies
Driver Licenses
Car Registration
Car Insurance Records
Birth Certificates
Tax Records

Children’s School Records
Medical and Dental Records
Insurance Identification Cards
Membership Cards or Records
Airline Tickets
Library Cards
Mortgage Documents

For Temporary Location:

Suitcases (clothing)
Toiletries, personal items
Duplicate Keys
Personal Address/Phone Book

Baby Equipment
School Work/Books
Pet Food/Supplies


Credit Cards
Irreplaceable photos, videos, etc

Silver/Gold bullion
Coin or stamp collection