Our specifically built Fire Restoration facility is used to provide
a full service restoration capability for our customers.



It has specially designed cleaning stations, packing stations, storage, ozone chamber, offices, and more.  We keep costs down for the insurance company by doing content restoration locally and in-house as well as giving our customers a quality restoration of their most cherished belongings.

This facility is multi-functional as well; we hold trainings there and have had many IICRC instructors come through our facility teaching everything from professional packing and storing, to content restoration, photo documentation, and upholstery and carpet restoration.

Every instructor has commented on the great design and work flow of our facility.

This building provides our under-served area with a much needed service.

It keeps our clients’ personal belongings in a local, easy access location so if they need to pull out something that is critically needed, it can happen quickly.


We believe in Win-Win solutions
in every situation.