Restoration Is Not Demolition

State of Art
Restoration Equipment
Can Save you
Money, Time, and
Peace of Mind

These are Examples of
What High Tech Equipment
Can Do for You:

Structural Drying has evolved with technology. Today’s modern restoration industry is in the business of saving building materials whenever possible. This evolutionary development, which is considered a GREEN practice, is much more sustainable as it:

reduces the loss-of-use time for occupants
reduces the loss of business interruption
lessens the cost and length of claims
lowers landfill usage
reduces the waste of natural resources
increases customer satisfaction

Storyline: A burst water supply line to a second floor toilet causes water to cascade down to underpinning for less than 24 hours in a home with hardwood floors.

The bulges are paint on the ceiling holding water from a leak above.

The underpinning is getting wet from the cascading water.

Hardwood floors which stay wet for over 24 hours will start to cup.

When hardwood floors get wet, time is critical since they must be dried immediately to salvage them. Once cupping has occurred, hardwood is usually permanently damaged. Fortunately for these homeowners, not all of the floors were cupped upon our arrival.

This is why the Bluewater Restoration™ team responds immediately to water damage calls. We work diligently with a dedication to salvage as much as possible, while utilizing the latest technologies in structural drying as described below.

This is a technological advantage: a floor rescue mat in action.
The squares shown here are large vacuums used to remove all water possibly trapped under flooring. Tenting is performed to localize the forced air of dehumidifiers, concentrating it on the specific area that needs attention while protecting the surrounding environment from moisture absorption.

The Scientific Principle:
Wet Goes to Dry

The science behind structural drying is called Psychrometry. We use the Vortex Drying methodology which employs our evolved understanding of the interactions between humidity, temperature, and air movement. By isolating the wet areas, we can better focus on what needs to be dried specifically and not try to dry “the world”.

Wet Hardwood Receiving Structural Drying

Restored Hardwood Flooring After Structural Drying

When you have a water damage event, the first call you should make is to your restoration company. The longer you wait, the less that can be saved. Call Bluewater Restoration™ for prompt and reliable service.

Bluewater Restoration™ employs professionally trained and certified field technicians in the science of engineered indoor environmental restoration.

We professionally mitigate indoor environmental calamities such as water, fire, and microbial and other biological infestations. Providing emergency service 24/7/365 to commercial, residential, and governmental concerns. Bluewater Restoration, Inc validates the industry standard of care as institutionalized by the IICRC (Institute of Inspections, Cleaning, Restoration and Certification) Standard S500 and S520 and holds secondary liability insurance on all work. Bluewater Restoration™ is also a licensed commercial contractor for both Virginia and North Carolina and can provide full rebuild options on all work.