Septic & Sewage Cleanup

This owner called us after having discovered a nasty surprise downstairs in their storage area/ guest overflow quarters equipped with kitchen.

There was no indication of this brewing situation, which lasted weeks prior, to the occupants until they walked into the downstairs.

septic cleanup


This area was much larger than shown here, it was jam packed floor to ceiling with storage items, boxes filled with all the things we put away for the seasons, kids, etc. The entire ground floor of structure was impacted including closets, HVAC, and more. Bluewater Restoration quickly had to pack out the ground floor to access the contaminated area. Once the bulk of contents was removed and thrown out, remediation could begin.


Human waste is extremely dangerous in an occupied home as it carries multiple micro-organisms like Escherichia coliform and Enterococcus, coliform and fecal coliform. Not only can exposure cause intestinal bacterial illnesses like E. coli, but also infections like Hepatitis (liver infection), or Weil’s disease.

Just simply breathing near the hazardous waste is dangerous; the fumes can spread Gastroenteritis, a virus which lives in raw sewage.



Whatever raw sewage touches must be removed down to the original structure to clean and seal the building materials. The structural components of the building must be exposed to enable the cleaning solutions and equipment to deeply penetrate and remove the dangerous waste.




During the removal of the built-in bed bunk, we could see the drywall was wicking the affluents up and creating a biological timebomb.




There was an adjacent kitchenette to the bathroom. Upon investigation all of this had to be removed as well.




Once the demolition of removable interior building components was complete, we were able to start the drying process. Due to the porosity of the framing members,  which must remain in place, we apply anti-microbial encapsulating coating.




Raw Sewage is a potentially deadly contaminant if not handled promptly by a professional. Bluewater Restoration is a specialty indoor environmental cleanup company that provides septic cleanup.
This is a meticulously orchestrated, heavy labor and material sensitive, job which requires professional training, good personal protective equipment and experience. For this reason, it is very expensive to perform.