Bluewater Restoration™ did a complete tear out remodeling for a customer whose home was flooded multiple times.

Our remodel not only brought the space up to the building code, but we installed newer, mold resistant materials, hence the blue color wall board which is mold resistant, unlike regular drywall. Another significant feature is the colored pvc wainscoting below, which is another alternative use of building materials to help with any possible future mold growth since mold cannot feed on plastic. The insulation used was fiberglass duct board which also does not hold water and thus cannot support fungal growth. These steps are taken with all of our flood-prone homes so that if and when it happens again, it can be dried quickly and with ease. Our unique building technique of installing easily removable materials is done so that they can be quickly cleaned and reinstalled, thus saving both the insured and insurance carrier money and time. This house’s chances of being flooded again are high, but with these newer building materials and techniques. Bluewater Restoration makes dollars and sense of remodeling in flood zones.


mold resistant wall board


contents restored