The old adage, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” is certainly a truth for our business.


The old adage, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” is certainly a truth for our business.

But unless you have gone through a devastating property loss like the above water damage and require water removal, you probably cannot relate to those people who have unless they tell you directly about how it felt and what they went through.
As this referral letter from Mr. B. Harrell in the Outer Banks of North Carolina describes:
We practice what we preach: professional, compassionate people who work very hard to guide our customers through a maze of challenges in a conscious effort to make their property and lives whole again.

“On May 3rd 2010, I met (Bluewater Restoration) at the house…after about 5 minutes, I realized that Bluewater Restoration would be the best option in order to complete all repairs to my house in a timely and professional manner. Once I made this choice…within minutes (their) trucks were rolling down the street…my house (loaded) in their trucks. It was like something you see on extreme makeover.”

Although most of our Outer Banks services, like water removal, are performed in-house, we partner with other contractors with like-minded service. The excellent professional contractors (Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC) that we rely on and trust, perform to the standard of care our clients deserve and expect.

“The people that Bluewater recommends for all their sub-contracting were as nice, helpful and fair as Bluewater Restoration themselves. They surely made this as enjoyable as possible.”

Great service must translate throughout the entire job, not just the beginning. The very end of every job is just as important as its start to each team member at Bluewater Restoration™.

“Now that I am back in my house, I could not be happier with the work and professionalism that I received from Bluewater Restoration and their whole team of people…….For all you people considering Bluewater for any repairs, I would have to say you would be missing out if you did not use Bluewater as your first choice. I would like to thank Bluewater Restoration for all their hard work and devotion to my home. Without you guys I have no idea where I would be or how I could have made it through this tough time.”

This letter is consistent with all the letters we receive from our Outer Banks customers.
Hopefully it imparts a little of what to expect coming from someone who has had a water damage experience.
We hope you never have the need of our water removal service. But if you do, we are here to quickly serve the needs of our community.