Rapid response to water intrusion is the key to success when dealing with floods and overflows. Having the right equipment deployed at the right spot can severely reduce the amount of permanent damage that can occur from water.

Bluewater Restoration™ is a certified firm through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), adheres to all industry protocols (S-500 and S-520) as well as various governmental standards (EPA, OSHA, NYC Health Department, Health Canada).



Prevention of further water damage is one of the primary goals of Bluewater Restoration™. We have the equipment and experience you need to stop water damage. Diagnostic equipment and experience will reveal the extent of the water damage to our technicians. Once the damage is assessed, we can quickly begin mitigation and salvage of your property.


If called quickly to the damage event, our team can drastically reduce or eliminate the need for any reconstruction with rapid water removal, drying and dehumidifying, and mold inspection, consultation and remediation as needed. The sooner we are

able to begin the mitigation process, the less costly the damage is to you or to your insurance company.   We can walk you through the entire event or run the show, including meeting with your adjuster and dealing with the insurance company.



  • Determine source and extent of water intrusion.
  • Do what you can to stop the water intrusion.
  • Walk through your property and assess the damage as accurately as possible.
  • Call Bluewater Restoration™ at 252.491.2500 to further assess the damage, determine the scope of work necessary and manage your insurance claim.

* This is a simplified list of protocols and is not to be considered all-inclusive.  Every job is different
and depends on individual situations including, but not limited to insurance coverage and area accessibility.


Water Damage

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