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  • That is NOT a Currituck-Camo PPE….although, that is a very cool idea…..This is a classic Dirty Job in progress. Crawlspace environmental cleaning is as technical as it is rigorous to perform. It may not be rocket science, but it is science to get this done right. Great job guys! Keeping it safe @ Bluewater Restoration.#crawlspace…

  • When it rains in your house, it is never a good day. Call us and we will be right over to dry this up and put it back together! #waterdamage #mold #restoration #moldremediation #waterdamagerestoration #moldremoval #flooddamage  

  • All Veterans deserve honor for their courage and devotion to our country. Bluewater Restoration is humbly honored to work with a few of the brave. 🎖

  • Crawlspaces can be treacherous places to work. Bluewater Restoration motto: Safety First, Social Life Last. At least we can find our team if they go missing under your house. #outerbanks #obx #waterrestoration #crawlspace #moldremediation

  • When it’s your home and it matters, call the Bluewater Restoration team. Servicing the Outer Banks with full service water damage restoration. We get you dry. Fast. #waterdamage #mold #firedamage #restoration #moldremediation #waterdamagerestoration #moldremoval #flooddamage

  • We are extremely humbled and honored to WIN this award. Thank you so much for voting for Bluewater Restoration as the People’s Choice for Disaster Restoration Services. Check out Bluewater Restoration.

  • Doing the dirty work to keep our “peeps” safe and dry! FYI: never neglect your crawlspace. It is the gateway to your indoor air quality….and, thereby, your quality of life.

  • Picture 1: At Bluewater Restoration, we wear masks every day for our work. Safety first when opening up damaged buildings. 😷 Picture 2: Ray makes this work look easy by balancing a dislodged contaminated sheet of under pinning, its not.💪

  • Bluewater Restoration has made it to the voting round of The Coastland Gold people’s choice awards If you would take a minute to vote (you will find us under Home > Disaster Restoration) and share!!! You can vote everyday!