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We are available 24/7 to help you recover from disasters.

Our emergency disaster service is an immediate response to your property to stop further water damages after flooding from leaks, water overflows, and fire suppression. Our Certified Restoration Team is skilled in rapid water extraction, cleanup, repairs, reconstruction, and insurance claim documentation. With The Bluewater Team, your property’s damage is handled promptly, professionally, and completely with just one call.

Property disasters are an unsettling time of significant loss that we have also experienced ourselves, so you can count on us to give you the compassionate restoration services you should receive. We hope your home or business never suffers a disaster, but if it does, we will immediately be there to help you through it because, above all else, we care about you and the community where we live.

Our service area covers Dare, Currituck, and Pasquotank Counties from Moyock to Elizabeth City to the Outer Banks, including Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Manteo, Hatteras Island.


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage needs rapid response

IF YOUR PROPERTY FLOODS: do your best to find the flood water source • if it’s possible, stop the water intrusion • assess your property’s damage as accurately as you can • call us so we can immediately help you! • this is a simplified list and not all-inclusive.

Water damages escalate fast! We can drastically reduce or eliminate the need for reconstruction with rapid water extraction and skilled drying and dehumidification services. Sadly, most water damages require complete removal of affected building materials after just 72 hours and can cause mold quickly in our region, where growing conditions thrive. Failure to immediately address known water damage can limit insurance coverage. Please don’t let this happen to you!

Our Caring Property Restoration Team Wants To Help When You Need Us. We will handle your cleanup, every repair, communicate with your adjuster, and professionally document losses for your claim.


Lightning Strike Fire Damage Corolla NC

Fire damage quickly escalates!

Receiving prompt fire restoration service helps save your property and belongings from smoke, soot, and water damages. Sadly, professional restoration delays occur due to fire investigations, fire suppression flooding, and power loss. When called to help after a fire, our Caring Fire Restoration Team knows what to do first and quickly works to stop further damages. We handle belongings with professional care and document losses for insurance reimbursement. An accurate loss list that includes model numbers, serials numbers, etc., is required and valuable when professionally done. Salvageable content is packed and processed in our restoration facility:
• pack up, pack-out, store contents
• document & dispose of losses
• clean & restore contents
• adjust cleaning techniques to fire type
• clean, deodorize & restore the property
• pack-in cleaned contents to the property
• document services provided
• communicate with the adjuster
• all parties receive claim details during the process
• create, articulate & justify the insurance claim report in industry-standard language and presentation


Certified Mold Remediation Techs and Property Restoration Services

Our indoor environmental inspection for mold issues provides a thorough analysis that finds moisture sources and mold type. We deliver remediation solutions that safely and best solve problems using a full line of air filtration and dehumidification equipment. Call to set up your Indoor Air Quality Inspection today!

It's not safe to disturb mold spores!

Motion sends millions of viable mold spores into the air that will cross-contaminate your entire property. If remodeling, it’s unsafe to continue until the mold hazard is analyzed. Tearing out moldy building materials can release mold spores and lead to extensive contamination. Trying to stop mold with bleach or fungicides does not kill mold toxins in the air. Spores will release toxins until professionally removed and always remain dormant until the right growing conditions return, causing mold contamination again.

Most mold species are harmless at normal levels yet can cause allergic reactions in high concentrations. Health effects vary based on individual vulnerability, exposure duration, and byproducts the mold species releases. Take extreme care with Toxigenic Classified Molds since they can cause internal bleeding, severe respiratory illness, and brain damage. They are also capable of attacking the immune, central nervous, and cardiopulmonary systems.

We quickly respond so water damage can’t win!

With one call, we immediately respond to a property, provide expert mitigation advice, establish drying chambers for short-term drying, or customize a dehumidification environment for long-term needs. Understanding the science of rapid drying requires years of experience and training. Our skilled technicians use rapid drying science and advanced drying equipment to minimize further damages.


Do you smell musty odors?  Does something smell unusual when you enter your property?  Do you see fungal growth anywhere?  Have you noticed allergic reactions when on your property but not when away?

Answering yes once means you might have an indoor moisture issue. Many properties do in our southern marine environment where warm moist air enters from wet crawlspaces. Our certified technicians inspect properties and find the cause of moisture issues. We establish a healthy indoor environment plan that helps properties stay within a favorable dry standard that removes indoor mold growth conditions.


We rapidly restore properties using our unique high-speed structural drying investment, a 250,000 btu TES Trailer. Our industrial drying arsenal contains ample equipment that ensures our ability to handle complex, large, and small drying jobs. This technology contributes to the maximum effectiveness of our certified drying and dehumidification processes. Without question, we are the most well-trained, well-equipped, locally-owned restoration company in our region.

We Have Been Rebuilding Outer Banks Homes and Businesses since 1986

Bluewater Restoration is a licensed, bonded, and insured North Carolina General Contractor fully capable of rebuilding your property to its pre-loss condition.  Our construction project managers oversee our customers’ remodeling, reconstruction, and repair projects to ensure successful outcomes. We are sensitive to every customers’ loss of use during their project. We will strive to be an effective and efficient supervisor to your property’s rebuild so you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

Our skilled construction division can build within the parameters of insurance claims and beyond. Do you want to remodel your home for a beautiful, new look? Does your business appear worn and need some modern updates?  Call us today!

Viral Disinfection & Biohazard Cleanup

We provide residential and commercial properties with enhanced deep cleaning procedures to ensure the health and safety of occupants.

Our Deep Cleaning Service with Viral Disinfectants using a Wet Fogger Process helps Reduce Virus Transmission, including COVID. Deep cleaning covers a range of customizable services, including basic janitorial cleaning, housekeeping, disinfecting touchpoints, wet fogging, air duct cleaning, Hydroxyl Generator air cleaning, deodorizing, and more. Perfect for offices, public buildings, rental homes, and properties before move-in.

Biohazard Cleanup

Our Biohazard Services include rodent and raccoon decontamination, septic cleanup, and trauma and crime scene cleanup. Our skilled bioremediation technicians follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations and the Industry Standards of Care of the IICRC.

Biohazard mitigation, which entails extreme cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing, relates to potentially life-threatening environmental situations requiring skilled technicians to remediate the property to make it safe for human occupancy.

Biohazard cleaning handles blood-borne pathogens from traumas such as accidents, injury, unattended death; poisonous chemicals, fumes, parasites contaminates; virus, biological warfare contamination, etc.

Biohazard cleanup can be a potentially dangerous task for technicians as they handle hazardous materials during cleaning. These tasks require professional training and protocols to ensure the technicians’ safety and the property’s occupants’ health.

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured NC General Contractor

As Skilled and Certified Property Restoration Contractors, Our Mission is to Exceed the Expectations of Every Customer and Insurance Professional with Outstanding Property Services.

Certifications & Affilations

NC General Contracting License 35962
Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC)
Lead Safe (EPA)
Lead Renovator Cert NC
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