Commercial Mold Cleaning

Biohazard Dare County, NC

A beautiful commercial building was left vacant for a long time and needed attention to be ready for new occupants. We found the building needed drying, dehumidification, minor mold remediation, and then exit testing for additional environmental controls.


Photo 1 ~  initial work performed to begin drying and dehumidification

Photo 2 ~  ceiling tiles stained with particulate around the supply vent

Photo 3 ~  slight microbial growth on a few ceiling tiles

Photo 4 ~  building needed to replace ceiling tiles

Photo 5 ~  areas of concern to be cleaned or removed

Photo 6 ~  preparations made prior to work commencing to protect flooring

Photo 7 ~  workers suited up for mold conditions for safety and beginning to remove ceiling tiles

Photo 8 ~  debris from ceiling removal is contained on the prepped floor for disposal

Photo 9 ~  team removes debris as we go along always keeping job site clean

Photo 10 ~  full tile removal in another room

Photo 11 ~  we clean up all debris as we work

Photo 12 ~  we have completed the cleaning work

Photos 13 & 14 ~ our exit testing of air sampling taken indoors and outside for comparison to be sure the building is safe for occupancy





  • Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Mold Remediation
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing