Fire Destroys Iconic Cotton Gin

In Our Community, Jarvisburg NC

Fires destroy more than homes and business. They forever change communities and families too. This is my first-hand perspective of the loss experienced when our Cotton Gin burned. I wrote on my personal Facebook profile: “October 12, 2019, on a clear blue sky North Carolina fall day, Currituck lost its good friend to fire. Devastatingly, the Cotton Gin, an iconic Currituck and North Carolina treasure, was consumed in flames as we all hopelessly watched. This was heartbreaking beyond measure. The Cotton Gin, a trusty neighbor to Bluewater Restoration, residing across the street, has been a stalwart business partner in our region for decades. The Cotton Gin itself was an agriculturally historic building that was a functional part of the local economy from the county’s earliest beginnings. Our deepest sympathies go to the families who make the Cotton Gin work, especially to Tommy and Jerry Wright founders of this wonderful business.

I was one of their last customers that day. I heard the 5 alarm fire call less than five minutes later. I was literally holding my last purchase, a glass candle holder. It’s now a treasure beyond measure. Witnessing the Cotton Gin’s flames and destruction brought back the memory of my loss to fire; a home that was located just a few miles away. Fires are pivotal life events that I personally understand. I hope you never lose your home or business to fire. It takes a long while to get over it. That is why being extra kind to those who do is so important. If a disaster happens to you, I hope you receive the compassionate service and expertise you deserve in your time of need. Stacy Justice, Owner

One Big Difference with Bluewater Restoration after Fires and other Disasters

We are real people in our community facing the same wins and losses as you. We live here and have personally suffered from the same local storms and floods as you in addition to fires. Unlike a corporation from another state or trade seeking a quick buck, we truly want to make a difference in our community. We love helping as many of you as we can get through the tough challenges of such losses.