Christmas Time Fire

Fire Damage Corolla, NC

Christmas fires are horrific for anyone who has gone through it. Thank goodness these homeowners were home at the time and caught it before it engulfed the whole house. Shout out to Corolla Volunteer Fire Department for their quick actions which saved this beautiful home.

Photo 1 ~ Origin of fire, electrical outlet, burned interior wall through to the exterior wall

Photo 2 ~ Clean up of charred building materials to begin board up of exterior wall

Photo 3 ~ Board up process begins

Photo 4 ~ Board up finished

Photo 5 ~ Interior structure and content damage from fire, smoke, and water

Photo 6 ~ Moving contents away from the damaged room

Photo 7 ~ After content removal, we prep for drying & decontamination

Photo 8 ~ Walls are wet (red light) from fire suppression

Photo 9~ The room cleared out and drying begins

Photo 10 ~ Contents from fire room safely removed and stored to wait for packing for delivery to our restoration facility

Photo 11 ~ Contents safely stored, waiting for pickup






  • Fire Restoration
  • Content Documentation
  • Content Packout
  • Odor Restoration
  • Structural Drying
  • Dehumification
  • Decontamination
  • Reconstruction