Fire Damage Deodorization

Fire Damage Dare County, NC

A large fire in this home spread a great deal of water, smoke, and soot contaminants throughout the house. Smoke odor removal requires professional cleaning with appropriate products. However, the framing of a home is too intricate and vast to deodorize thoroughly. Therefore, after exposing the home’s frame, we apply specialized sealants to all structural supports (white coating), preventing odor from off-gassing from building components.

Photo 1 ~  detailed masking to prevent overspray

Photo 2 ~ Salvaged 100-year-old heart pine flooring, protected with multiple layers of tough construction paper and plastic before coating work.

Photo 3 & 4 ~specialty coating on framing before insulation installation

Photo 5 ~ after coatings are applied, and insulation installed, drywall reinstalled (Gibbs Building, Inc)




  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Odor Restoration